Kennel Svedala Swedish Vallhund 
Current litters


At my kennel, I hopefully plan to breed, in March (?) a leased bitch called
Westorps Holly Madison to my young male Svedala Billy Busväder.


In June, Svedala Greta Gråsparv (owner Marianne Westberg).
Male not yet decided.

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 Here are pictures from the last litter born Oct 31 2010,






Svedala Billy Busväder "Buse", 9 weeks

Busväder means  bad, unpredictable, weather

This little fellow is staying with mum and big Uncle William.  My new star????? Time will tell..


Stina Storm 9 weeks

Happy New Year, dear uncle William!

Have you seen a more beautiful head?

Do I have to eat bird seed or is the food on it´s way..??

We should help mum getting the wood in but they are very heavy

Fröken Frost is afraid of nothing...     

See what happens silly boy, when you drink too much glühwein...

Do you need some help ?

Quick, I can hear the feedbowl rattling...

OK you guys, I know you´re there somewhere...

7,5 weeks

Shut your eyes, she´s here with the camera again... Ragnar Regnskur, 7 weeks

Disa Dimma is looking for Father Christmas and
Stina Storm knows there is no such person

Billy Busväder

Åke Åska staying close to the fire

Orvar Orkan thinks he is king of the pack...

Peace on earth! (For 10 minutes...) 

Helge Hagel, looking for the fire place...

Ragnar Regnskur 6 weeks. First time outside, - 11 degrees Celcius

Stina Storm

Surely, this isn´t what it´s like all the time 


Siris puppies 6 weeks

Ragnar Regnskur 6 weeks

5 weeks

5 weeks


Soon 4 weeks

            Siri, the proud mother                                 Siri, so happy getting away from     
 kids for a while

Puppies 3 weeks 

                  Puppy girl 3 weeks                                 We are looking at the world outside...    






Siris puppies 2 weeks



            The boys 2 weeks                                                The three bitches in the litter,

                                                                                        keeping well away from the boys (wise girls)



Puppies 1 week



Siri and her puppies


Eight puppies born on Halloween, October 31. Five of them are males.

Only two with stubb tail (one female and one male) Decent size on most of them

as they were four days early. Easy whelping and puppies very lively




Svedala Skolfröken Sigrid (Siri) is in whelp (pregnant) to Fennician Charmör

Puppies expected at the very end of October 




Siri 7,5 weeks pregnant




                                                      Svedala Sigrid Skolfröken                                        Fennician Charmör



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