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Photos/info from some of my judging appointments


(all breeds)

Oslo Augusti 2013

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Judging in VERY wet and VERY windy Norway, Trondheim

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Michigan USA, judging a specialty

Judging in Holland   2009


Me, having the honour of judging the circuit show in conjunction to
the World Dog Show 2008


Me, judging the club show in Germany

My group 2 winner, just over from Russia


Nyköping Aug 15-16, 2009


Judging puppies at our clubshow. Sweden, Simmartorp 2009

Me judging in Tulsa USA but not these two as they are
Svedala Sven Snickare & Svedala Svea Skomakare.
Both with Halls. 
They are shown with their owners.

Sue & Richard and Lori


BOB & BOS " Lilla Stockholm 2009 "

Judging a Regional competition in Northern Sweden 
Sort of Champion of Champions. My winner was a Dogo Argentino. 
Imported from just that country and being a World Winner.
foto:Katarina Konradson


From Tulsa, USA, judging Swedish Vallhunds


Myself and two other judges doing the honours at my countys
Greatest Dog, October 2007


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Pictures are from Cruft´s 2006 where I judged Swedish Vallhunds.

Judging Bernese Mountain Dogs in Australia, 2007


Linköping 2002



Australia 2002


Russia 2003



BIG-1 BOB bl & si BOB & BOS black